Thursday, March 25, 2021

An update from Jimmy O’Donnell

We are now over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus continues to affect our country and community, we continue to adapt and serve Quincy and the surrounding area. 

At O’Donnell-Cookson, our utmost concern is keeping our visitors safe and comfortable inside our facility. We continue to closely monitor and follow the recommended CDC guidelines.  

Right now, those guidelines state that 50 individuals can be seated for a service. Although most churches are still operating at a reduced capacity, church services are still typically able to hold more people than our funeral home because of their large space. 

We are committed to continuing to find creative and safe ways to better serve our families during these uncertain times. Our funeral home has adopted live-streaming and other tools that have been necessary to assist our families in building a bridge to a better tomorrow. 

If you are not sure what to do, call us. We will guide you through various options so you know what to expect and come up with a plan that works best for your family. Common sense mixed with compassion allows us the chance to give you our best effort to make everyone feel, and be, as safe as possible. 


James J. O’Donnell