The O’Donnell-Cookson Life Celebration Home is a family business proud of its history and built on a legacy of compassionate service. They pledge to continue serving the Quincy region with compassion, integrity, and respect.

In 2019, The O’Donnell-Cookson Life Celebration Home was formed when Jim O’Donnell purchased the Zehender-Robinson-Stormer-Cookson Funeral Home. Historically situated at 1435 State Street in Quincy, the O’Donnell-Cookson Life Celebration Home continues the legacy of service provided by two notable families. Rory O’Donnell, brother of James J. O’Donnell, will serve as the General Manager while Rod Cookson continues to provide professional service with the O’Donnell family.

James O’Donnell Life Celebration Homes History

The James O’Donnell Funeral Home, Inc. has been serving the region since 1901. Robert and Thomas O’Donnell were the first family members to open the doors of the O’Donnell Funeral Home in Hannibal. In 1925, James T. O’Donnell bought the business and led operations until his death in 1952. Harold O’Donnell, son of James T. O’Donnell, operated the family business until his death in 1965. His sister, Helen O’Donnell Davis, was also an operator of the funeral home until her retirement in 1990. Harold’s son, Jim O’Donnell, began working for the funeral home in 1973. Under his leadership, the funeral home saw two major expansions. They were the first in the region to begin offering pre-arranged funeral planning to area families. Jim passed away in 2003. James J. O’Donnell became the fifth generation to join the family business in 2001. He currently is the Owner and Funeral Director of the James O’Donnell family of Life Celebration Homes. He is a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer in Missouri and Illinois.

Zehender-Robinson-Stormer-Cookson Funeral Home History

In 1944, Orin Cookson received his license and began his career operating a funeral home in Plymouth, IL where his wife, Irene, and son, Jerry, joined him in the business. The Stillwell Funeral Home in Augusta, IL was purchased by the family in 1962. Then Orin’s son, Rod Cookson, joined the family business. The Daugherty Funeral Home was purchased by the family in 1965; it was located at 6th and Spring in Quincy. In 1969, a new facility was opened at 24th and Spring Streets. Rod and Jerry Cookson purchased Zehender-Robinson-Stormer Funeral Home in 1978 and merged their funeral homes into the current facility at 1435 State Street in Quincy.